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TONI JANKE is a Wuthathi, Meriam and Yadighana woman whose family originally comes from Cape York and Murray Island in the Torres Strait, North Queensland, Australia.


Toni is a consultant, coach and singer/songwriter specialising in First Nations projects, policy and strategy, cultural capability, leadership, mentoring, advocacy and empowerment.  


She has served on many Boards and Committees during a professional career spanning more than three decades working in government and the community and corporate sectors. 


Toni holds as Bachelor of Arts/Law and post-graduate qualifications in Theology and Ministry, as well as coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and conscious hypnosis. 

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We provide various consultancy services to corporate, government, and community organisations on a range of topics, specialising in the First Nations space.

Our services include strategic planning, policy development, project management, event coordination, workshop facilitation, cultural competency and community engagement.


We provide a full range of coaching and mentoring services for both individual clients and groups.


We offer various packages that are tailored to suit client need, such as goal setting, personal and professional development, leadership, life-coaching, cultural mentoring, and supervision as well as team building and positive workplace culture. 


We provide professional music and entertainment services including live performances (solo and/or band), festivals, gigs & corporate events.


We can also provide assistance in the following areas:

  •  Songwriting

  • Recording

  • Production

  • Artwork & Design


We advocate for First Nations musicians and performing artists and have a broad range of knowledge and experience in the media, arts, music, and entertainment industry i.e. mentoring, grants support, workshops and forums, MC/Guest speaking, performances.

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