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Toni Janke Productions is a 100% owned and operated Indigenous business that advocates and promotes self-determination and empowerment of First Nations people through consultancy, coaching, mentoring, and music. We design and facilitate programs and workshops on cultural capability, leadership and governance, strategic planning, building positive teams, as well as a range of other services. 

Our staff provide specialist advice to corporate, government, and community organisations on issues impacting First Nations people.  We support our clients to navigate challenges in this area by providing practical outcomes for implementation in the workplace. 

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We provide specialist consultancy services to corporate, government, and community organisations on a range of topics.

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We advocate for First Nations musicians and performing artists and have a range of specialised experience in the media, arts, music, and entertainment industry i.e. mentoring, grants support, workshops and forums, guest speaking, performances.



We provide a full range of coaching and mentoring services for both individual clients and groups. We offer various packages that are tailored to suit client need, such as goal setting, personal and professional development, life-coaching, cultural supervision, and team building. 

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