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Professional Workplace Coaching

Includes: Cultural Supervision, Coaching and/or Mentoring Sessions

For individuals and/or teams


Purpose: To identify barriers and challenges, set your own professional goals and develop a plan to implement goals and achieve results


Corporate package – 3 x 60 minute sessions – via Zoom, Teams, FaceTime or Skype (individuals)


Team Workshops – Full day rate (in-person or online delivery) - fees include workbook and materials.

Topics include:

  • Working Together for Deadly Outcomes

  • Building and Motivating Winning Teams – Staff and Board Members

  • Managing and Resolving Workplace Conflict

  • Eliminating Lateral Violence in the Workplace

  • Navigating Systemic Challenges – The Way Forward

We also offer individual personal coaching online and in person.

Our executive coaching services aim to inspire & empower our clients to achieve their goals and lead positive change in their personal and professional lives.

Our focus areas are:

  • Business & Career Development 

  • Leadership

  • Cultural Supervision 

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Healing

  • Hypnosis & Meditation

  • Managing Conflict

  • Navigating Change

  • Community Engagemen

  • Arts & Media Mentoring

  • Burnout/Trauma Support

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Empowering First Nations Women

  • Capacity Building

  • Goal Setting

  • Behavioural Change

  • Lateral Violence 

  • Emotional Intelligence (DISC)

For more information, please contact us at

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